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Dec 4, 2012 4:00pm PST
. much of the interview is focused on the fiscal cliff. it also talked about topics vital to tech and business communities. and what more could be done to boost the economy. here is some of what he had to say. >> conversation was ceos, they teal me we're ready to fire. -- hire. but we want a little bit of certainty out there. and what is missing is not only a deal, on long term deficit reduction. what smising is steps we can be taking now. >> if you own shares of oracle, next check will be bigger than usual. ora cell will pay next three dividends at once. the software giant joins a lift of companies moving dividends forward into the year to avoid a phone shall tax hike in january. and shares of pandora falling after the company says the loss will be wider than forecast. it wasn't all bad news, pan doora said sales rose 60% and profits rose 187%. stocks were little changed after the president held his ground about raising taxes to the highest income tern americans. your bloomberg silicon valley index closed qlor, apple, google and ebay dragging index down. disney and net flix reached a
Dec 12, 2012 4:00pm PST
the fiscal cliff. lieberman chose not to seek reelection will be replaced by democrat chris murphy. >> we're broadcasting from three different locations as abc 7 presents our 21 annual share your holiday food drive. >> normally larry beil is right here, but today, he's out with michael finney. live in walnut creek for us. hi, guy autos how are you doing, carolyn and dan. it's been a party out here, people have been coming by. susan is with alameda community food bank. >> alameda county community food bank. >> yes. very close, very close. >> you're giving us an amazing statistic why just a moment ago. >> yes. >> it serves one in six alameda county residents. >> 20% of the people living in alameda county need our help? >> every day. and mostly, it's children. and working family autos i'm assuming a lot of seniors too. >> a lot of seniors, too. we take care of the engine autos yes this, is kind of like the silent crisis. you say one in six that, is unacceptably high. it's ridiculous. we've got to do something about that. >> you're right. anyone can help us. dropping off food is wonder
Dec 10, 2012 4:00pm PST
site through december 18th. >> there is some signs today prof gres in the fiscal cliff negotiations. the president still says he won't compromise on demands that the wealthyest americans pay more in tax autos he's not criticizing republicans, either. that is a possible indication that private tuck talk was republican leaders are going along okay. >> move is hosting rallies and pushing for an end to those cuts. abc 7 news is at one of them right now. >> this rally supposed to begin at 4:00 this afternoon. they're slow getting started. there is a couple dozen people here this, he say they're expecting about 400 by later tonight. there were rallies like this around the bay area today in walnut creek and into oakland. outside of the social security administration office a crowd of 50 listened to speakers calling on congress to quote do the right thing. >> tax the super rich. protect the middle class. >> they added don't do anything to cut social security or#'6qp medicare or medicaid. >> i tell you, i'm going back to washington, d.c. tomorrow to continue to fight for this fight. and you have the resistance movement in the congress. i want you to know. aoñóv resistance movement. >> oakland congress woman to refuse cuts but those are two of the biggest in the budget, making up 40% of
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3